TaxAct – What Is It?

What is it?

TaxAct is the most important tax submitting service and support agency within the US. Founded in 1998, the agency provides an all-in-one tax filing carrier for people, commercial enterprise owners (small, medium or big), and professionals. With TaxAct, you’ll be able to maximize your deductions and grow your returns. The accuracy of your return is likewise guaranteed through the corporation’s $100k Accuracy Guarantee, and that’s how confident they’re of their program.

What You Get from it and How?

TaxAct sells 3 tax filing packages, particularly Plus, Freelancer, and Premium. Plus is their most popular product given that it’s the satisfactory device for individuals to use to report their taxes, especially if they may be homeowners or have investments. The Freelancer package deal is mainly suitable for unbiased contractors and self-hired filers and as such, prices a chunk extra. The equal is going for the Premium package which incorporates the first-rate of the whole lot TaxAct has to offer. Do take word that the expenses shown at the web site are the most effective estimates, and thus, they may change depending on your tax situation.

Businesses searching to record their taxes can also use the enterprise model of TaxAct. No matter how large your commercial enterprise is, TaxAct will be capable of file all the essential taxes for you, leaving you time to deal with different enterprise issues that surely count.

However, if you need to file 1040EZ and 1040A to get simple returns, TaxAct has a completely loose version that is able to help you. There are additionally lots of unfastened-to-use tax equipment that you may use, which includes the Tax Calculator, IRS refund-tracking, and tax information.


Unlike other tax submitting services, TaxAct absolutely backs up their claim of being capable of supply you with the largest refund by way of supplying a $100k Accuracy Guarantee. This covers every calculation for your return so as to make certain their accuracy. This additionally means that you’ll be capable of getting the maximum returns that you are due.


If you hate filing taxes, TaxAct is simply right here to help. At a small cost, you can maximize your deductions and therefore your returns. In fact, your returns can also just be extra than sufficient to cowl the value of paying for their tax-filing provider too, so at the end of the day, you’ll just be getting some free cash. What’s now not to like?


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